Delivery Information

Transportation and delivery costs

Our shipments are made by BRT couriers, delivery times may vary according to the mode of payment. We deliver throughout Europe. *

Note We recommend that you ALWAYS INDICATE a telephone number when ordering for any communication by the courier.

Important: For logistical and technical reasons, in some cases, we reserve the right to outsource the delivery to a carrier other than the selected "

Courier BRT

Delivery times:

From escaping the order up to delivery, your order normally takes from 3 to 8 working days, according to the shipping address. 1-2 days after delivery, when your order then the courier BRT, you will receive an email containing the link to trace the shipment. On the mail will be present also the date and the time of delivery and affiliate contacts responsible for BRT.


Possible delays in the sending of email with the order tracking does not necessarily involve the shipping times.