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Android Enterprise Barcode Sled Kits, which includes SL 2100 1D laser barcodescanner Sled,4" Samsung smartphone S7572,Micro USB cable,lanyard poweradaptor and user guide,CD

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Enterprise Android Barocde Sled GS-SL2000 is designed for retailerl ,health care nurser ,warehouse ,express delivery staff .It transform Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos series android smartphone into enterprise-ready barcode sled that provides salse associates with instant access to product information and enables customer checkout,inventory information anywhere in the store .

The GS-SL2000 Enterprise barcode sled have sleek ,compact and solid housing . it can improve the customer experience,engage more closely with customers and increase sales floor conversions.

The GS-SL2000 enterprise barcode sled seamless integrated with Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos (S7562,S7572)android smart phone .Galaxy Trend Duos Android smart phone equipped with 4 inch WVGA vivid display ,dual SIM feature,1GHz high speed QualComm Snapdragon CPU and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ,5MP camera,WIFI,Bluetooth.

You can even make call and surfing internet for daily usage and doing bussiness data collection for barcode scanning .It can dramatically save your investment for hardware which comparing with traditional heavy ,expensive ,out-of-date Wince PDA.

With the excellent design for sled ,you can hold the sled easily with one hand .With high speed Android USB Accessory technology , GS-SL2000 enterprise barcode sled can scan barcode and read 13.56MHz RFID data at the same time ,when smartphone plug into sled ,the smartphone will find hardware and prompt the right application automatically .

Embedded advanced 1D or 2D barcode scan engine,deliver you fast and accurate reading even poor quality barcode . You can easily install GS-Blueinput IME to android system to read data like you input data from soft keyboard .You can also integrate GS-SDK into your application to read data directly from hardware .More information about GS-Blueinput and GS-SDK ,please reference the menu from the top of website .

GS-S2000 Enterprise Barcode Sled has solid housing design which can provide added durability to the smart phone,special screw design can make sled overall protection from 1.8 meter drop and shock . Unique protective cover design for sld make you easily plug and take out smartphone from sled .You can run your application smoothly and stable which benifit with Samsung high quality standard and fine tuned android system ,You do not need worry about system no response,halted,restart like low quality ,heavy and out-of-date PDA .

GS-SL2000 enterprise barcode sled has 1500mHa replaceable LI-ion battery , it can provide 12 hours barcode scanning with 5 second external trigger.You can charge sled battery and smartphone battery at the same time with micro-USB port .You even can swith two battery each other due to they are in same size .

GS-SL2000 enterprise barcode sled integrate Generalscan iCloudscan service App ,with iClouscan service ,you can customize your data colleciton format and content ,upload data to iClouscan server ,share your data to your team with simply login from iCloudscan server .You can also easily export your data to excel file format .More information about iCloudscan service ,please find the iCloudscan introduction document .

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GS SL2000 Specification



GS SL2000 User Manual



Generalscan Keyboard 2.0 for Android



SDK for Android



Bluetooth Pairing User Guide for Windows,Andriod,iOS platform



Quick User Guide for GS SL Series




GS-SL20000 enterprise barcode sled can replace the PDA in the area of mobile scanning application such as retail sales, express logitics ,warehousing ,freight forwarding,product barcode traceability,asset management,shopping mall and super market.

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Android Enterprise Barcode 1D Sled Kit for Samsung Galaxy S7572

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